Freelancer Friday in the Park!

We’re having our first Freelancer Friday in the Park this Fri Jul 15!

Come on out and meet other freelancers, enjoy some snacks and some beverages, play some frisbee, or just lay in the sun (or plenty of shade). We’ve also got some music lined up for you by local musicians JindaLee and Katie Gogo.

Come one, come all, and enjoy our beautiful summer!
Where: St James Park, across from Camaraderie. (102 Adelaide St E)
When: Fri Jul 15, anytime from 3pm – 5pm
Why: Because it’s summer, and we want to see you!
Who: Anyone! Bring family members, friends, other freelancers, etc

About ruyoung

Co-founder of Camaraderie Coworking Inc.

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