How to choose a coworking space

There are choices everywhere now. The Greater Toronto Area has 13 great coworking spaces, all offering something a bit different than another. Want a modern space with a young crowd? A quaint space with an older crowd? A space that specialises in your industry? A space in the suburbs? A space along the subway line? A space with easy access to the highway? A space with tech folks? A space with an events calendar?

Those are all valid questions to ask, along with considerations for your work style, personality, and work requirements. Do you need private spaces? Access to a boardroom? Do you need to leave things behind? Do you want 24/7 access? Genevieve DeGuzman surveyed a number of spaces and coworkers across North America to compile date for her book, Working in the Unoffice: a guide to coworking. This is her list of tips:

  1. Type of community
  2. Industry requirements
  3. Membership costs and plans
  4. Membership turnover
  5. Stability and longevity of the space
  6. Access to multiple locations
  7. Diversity of the community
  8. Accessibility, amenities, and programming, which includes:
    • 9-to-5 vs. 24-hour accessibility
    • Size and density of the space
    • Look-and-feel and layout
    • Right equipment and amenities
    • Access to private spaces and conference rooms
    • Programming and events offered

All of these points are expanded in a succinct blog titled The Leap from Jelly to Coworking: How to Choose a Space and it’s a great read to get you thinking about what to consider when choosing a space.

So, what is your criteria to choose a space?

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