Locus Quo Joins the Passport Program

As we bade farewell to Park&Co last month, we now have Locus Quo taking it’s place on the Passport.  The value of the Passport hasn’t changed at all, but now you can work from an east end location as well.

Locus Quo is one of Toronto oldest industrial buildings (their very namesake should give away what the building used to be) that now marries historic touches with a modern technological functionality. Now you can brew your very own coworking concoction. Start your coworking discovery at Locus Quo where you can pick up a Passport to use at all seven participating coworking facilities.

Read about their participation at

A note to all existing Passport holders: if we have your e-mail address from your purchase, you’ll be given a sticker to affix over the Park&Co spot. Otherwise, the next time you use your Passport at a participating facility, we will affix a sticker on it for you.

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